PT. Adhi Darma International Cargo (ADC) is an International Freight Forwarder  that established in 1995. Adhi Darma Cargo (ADC) specialized in International Air Freight and Sea Freight Forwarder and Logistics Transportation Solutions with it’s office and warehouse located  in Ubud - Bali, Indonesia.

We also assisting our customers with local handling (logistics, collections, packing and shipping) for many types of comodities.

Adhi Darma Cargo (ADC) committed to give the best service and performing at highest standard. Giving a great customers satisfaction and making a good long term partnership with its clients. Our staffs also contributed all of the efforts to ensure your orders are packed in proper, safe & tight condition with all International standard documentations.

Our experiences in forwarding bussiness are almost 30 years now, we are one of the most successful Cargo company in the island. We have promising global network and offer a one stop service with competitive rates. We have many clients in so many countries, with their trust and satisfaction bring them to become our regular customers for many years  and will always be a good friend of us. Our company located in a very strategic place in Ubud - The middle of the island and the heart for Balinese production of art, which is make our mobility and process are more effective and efficient.

We are looking forward to be your shipping partner!

Greetings! And Big Thank You for your interest in shipping with ADC

Becoming the second generation of our company means a lot to me. It is not about taking position of director, CEO, or mini-CEO, but it is all about responsibility, pride and trust.

ADC company has always been the second family to me. It has been a part of my life since I was 4 years old. My father is a humble and amazing man, someone who our regular customers miss and greet him with “Hey Mawi!!” followed by big hugs and kisses. It has been and still one of the most inspiring things for me that ADC is not only about trustable services but also about supporting friends & partners.

I’m always interested to transform our company from good to better, to get stronger than yesterday. 

All of our achievements over the past years are a proof of hard work. We are so grateful to our customers, business partners and suppliers for trust and fair partnership where ADC can provide best-in-field services, and where our customers and business partners can invest into saving Balinese traditions and supporting artists of Bali and their skills of handicrafts  coming from centuries ago. 

ADC is focusing on continued strong growth while conducting the business based on sustainability valuing a balance of economy, human relationships and environmental awareness.

Let’s grow higher

Hendra Arimbawa
Director of ADC




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