Proper packaging is required by all freight carriers to ensure that your shipment is delivered safely, in the same condition as it was sent. Our experiences and our international standard packing will protect your shipment and reduce the risk of any damage that could happen.

There are several techniques and materials that we use for packing your goods. Thoose packing stuffs are depend on shapes, materials and its function. Here we give you the most frequently used ones.

Plastic bag

protect garment against humidity

Plywood crate

used for statues and small ceramics.


kind of bubble pack especially used for fragile item


thin white plastic coating used on all pieces of furniture.

Shredded paper

protect fragile handicraft as well as light statue.


appears in various thicknesses. Good for mirrors and glasses protection.

Wrapping carton

used for overall wrapping of pre packed furniture.

Wooden structure

built around heavy or stone carving statues.