V-Legal Wood Certificate

Adhi Darma Cargo (ADC) is one of few cargo in Bali who already registered legally with V-Legal certificate. Bali Post newspaper noted in 2014, from over 300 cargo companies on the island only 64 of them have holding this certificate and one of them is Adhi Darma Cargo (ADC).

Which mean that our company is allowed to legally ship any wooden materials accross  countries.

V-legal or SLVK is a certificate that use for exporting wooden products and to assure the international timber market of the legality of its timber products.

Indonesia has one of the largest rainforest in the world, so this certification system is to ensure we protect Indonesian forest from Illegal Lodging. It is also a part of our mission to support the sustainability of our forest and environment.

We are glad to be able to assist you with this certificate for your shipment.

Export legally and sustainable with us !