Indonesia's Logistics Sector Is Recovering, This Is a Sign

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JAKARTA - Export-import data for September 2020 is an early indication of Indonesia's economic recovery. Along with this, the logistics sector will also recover along with the economy. This is because logistics is the backbone of economic activity.
Chairman of Supply Chain Indonesia (SCI) Setijadi said Indonesia's export-import statistics in September 2020 could be an early indication of Indonesia's economic recovery. These developments provide optimism for recovery in the logistics sector.
"This positive indication of economic recovery must be immediately addressed by the logistics sector in Indonesia, especially in the port sector because around 90 percent of world trade is through sea transportation," he said, Thursday (22/10/2020).
Based on BPS data, the export value in September reached US $ 14.01 billion, up 6.97 percent (m-to-m) compared to August 2020. The highest export value came from the processing industry at US $ 11.56 billion. In that period, non-oil and gas exports contributed 94.98 percent.
Meanwhile, in the same period, imports also rose by 7.71 percent to reach US $ 11.57 billion (m-to-m). Imports of raw / auxiliary materials amounted to US $ 8.32 billion, an increase of 7.23 percent (m-to-m). Imports of raw / auxiliary materials contributed 71.87 percent, capital goods by 18.45 percent, while consumption was 9.68 percent.
According to Setijadi, logistics providers and players as well as related parties must prepare themselves to increase their efficiency and effectiveness by utilizing information technology that continues to develop such as big data analytics, cloud logistics, internet of things, and robotics and automation.
At the initial stage, he explained, it is necessary to improve business processes, as well as improve technology / facilities and HR competencies. Implementation of supply chain management (SCM) is non-negotiable for increasing efficiency and effectiveness by integrating business processes by all entities in the supply chain.
SCI appreciates the government's plan to improve national logistics performance, investment climate, and economic competitiveness with the issuance of Presidential Instruction No. 5/2020 concerning National Logistics Ecosystem Management (NLE).
"To realize a more efficient logistics system with digital transformation, collaboration and synergy is needed through the implementation of SCM between parties, namely the government, logistics service providers, goods owners, operators and port service providers, transportation companies, and other related parties," he said. .


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